About Us

Beyond Neutral is part of Fusion Paper and Board Ltd; a paper merchant based in Bradford. We formed 12 years ago but always wanted to be more. We sell many products but our roots are in paper and we specialise in supplying to Schools/Universities and Colleges, as well as the traditional printing sector.

Our Culture

Are we all vegan? No. Do we all live 100% carbon-free lifestyles? No. Are we leading the paper industry towards a carbon positive future? Hell yes!

We understand the facts and figures around our industry. But we also understand the bigger story narrative.

We approach everything we do with a positive, problem-solving mentality.

We’re ambitious people working for an ambitious brand with even bigger ambitions for our customers and the planet. We have always had a goal of becoming a Carbon Neutral business which we achieved in 2020. We did this by by offsetting 1370 tonnes of carbon which represented our total emissions for the year.


So what’s behind our claims?

To become Beyond Neutral was a challenge. Our central objective was to go beyond and not stop at carbon-neutral.

Beyond Neutral needs to stand up to environmental scrutiny, and we need to demonstrate that we can back up our claims and promises. To help with this, we employed an environmental consultancy (Carbon Green Ltd) run by Toby Green, a PhD researcher at the University of Leeds. Carbon Green ran a full audit on our business emissions and helped us find what we'd need to offset to become a carbon-neutral business.

Carbon Green also advised us on how to calculate the emissions of each product we sell - done by using official DEFRA government figures in accordance with ISO 14064. In light of this, we decided to broaden our scope to include three emissions that account for the CO2 produced by the manufacture of the goods we sell.

We've teamed up with our amazing tree planting partners to help them through donations so they can continue to replant trees and protect forestry across the world.

Moving forward, we aim to continue using environmental consultants and the advice and expertise of our charity partners. Beyond Neural is a journey of discovery and continual improvement.