Tree Planting

We love Trees, and we believe that tree planting is one of the most important things we can do to not just help reduce the worlds CO2 levels, but also help to restore native woodlands.

Every year we assess how much carbon we have emitted as a business, we do this through using an environmental research scientist. Once we know what our emissions are we try to offset these emissions by at least 125% This is done by buying carbon credits. We have teamed up with the following organisations who are doing great work.

Taking Root

person in field

In central America we support Taking Root, who are pioneers in leveraging the forest carbon offset industry to promote economic development amongst smallholder farmers . As a not for profit, their mission is to use reforestation as a tool to mitigate climate change, restore ecosystems and improve livelihoods. This is achieved by encouraging smallholder-farming families to reforest the under-utilized parts of their farms using native tree species in exchange for direct payments over time as the trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

tree planting

Closer to home, we support the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. So far they have planted over 1.5 million trees and they aim to create 6,000 hectares of woodland habitat in the Yorkshire Dales National Park by 2030. That would take the area of the National Park covered by woodland, which is currently smaller than London (4.5%) and the smallest of any of England’s National Parks, from 4.3% now to 7%.This will be done by creating new broadleaf and mixed plantations, ideally next to existing woodland. Tree species planted will be those naturally found in the Dales, including oak, downy birch, rowan and alder. 2p or every ream of Beyond Neutral paper sold will support tree planting in Yorkshire, with an estimated 200 trees planted every year. With your help and the good work of our tree planting partners Beyond Neutral will be helping to reforest the UK.