Conqueror Luxury High White Wove, Peel and Seal C5 Window Envelope, Box of 250

Conqueror Luxury Watermarked C5 Window Envelopes, give a professional touch of class. Weight - 120gsm. Super-seal closure. Size: C5 162x229 Colour - High White Smooth Wove Finish.
Conqueror Window Wove 110x220mm High White C5 Wallet Envelope (500 Pack)

Classy Premium and luxurious and extremely high quality for a superior level of quality and professionalism Tasteful cream and wove finish to add exceptional quality. The paper features a high-quality surface that allows you to write or print on the envelope without difficulty.

Manufactured in the UK
High quality 120gsm wove wallet envelopes
Features a Conqueror watermark
Window Position 72mm up and 15mm FLHS
'Super-seal' peel and seal closure
Smooth wove Surface
Clean surface allows for easy writing and printing
Colour: High White
Size: C5
Pack of 500

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£52.95 Ex VAT (£63.54 inc VAT)

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