Facts about carbon neutral paper

26th July, 2021

No. 1: Buying Paper online produces less C02 than buying them on the high street.

If everyone did all their shopping online, it would not only be much quieter in city centres. It might even have a positive effect on the climate. The reason is that brick and mortar shops need lots of energy and thus have a negative CO2 ratings. After all, the goods have to be stored and the lights have to stay on, and then there are the shoppers journey into town by car, bus or train.

Ordering things online from the comfort of your own sofa, or your desk at work requires only making up your mind (0 grams of CO2) and a bit of electricity to power your computer (60grams CO2). Source: Oeko.de

Make your life easier, buy Beyond Neutral paper online, and remember that paper shouldn’t cost the earth!

No. 2: UK leading the way

The UK produces 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, per capita, which is the same as Hong Kong, however, Hong Kong is roughly 220 times smaller than the UK and has 12% less people! Well done UK lets keep it up and lets see if we can improve and match Germany who has the lowest emissions in Europe, under 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, per capita. Source: Global Carbon Atlas 2017.

No. 3: Annual toilet paper consumption per bottom in kilos!

Did you know that almost everyone uses it, but not everyone uses the same amount! Still, consumption is not just about quantity but also quality. Using toilet paper made from recycled material can save an estimated 50% of energy and 33% of water over conventional bog roll!!

Here in the UK, we seem to love our bog roll using a staggering 11.4 kilos per botton per year! V China who only use 4.4 kilos per bottom! However, the German may have the lowest emission, but when it comes to clean bottoms they come up higher than the UK using 12.1 kilos per bottom! Source: Statista